Kickstarter Canceled and Farewell Video

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Hey everyone!

We have some good news and bad news.

The Bad News: After 15 days we have decided to cancel the Kickstarter campaign for Dead Crusade. It has not been an easy decision to pull the project from Kickstarter, but we do not see the project getting funded at this point and would prefer to not mislead our fans and backers. A lot of sacrifice and effort went into making this Kickstarter possible, and we would prefer to not drag things out or have the project look bad.

There are a number of reasons we believe the Kickstarter did not succeed, and I wanted to take a moment to explain a few in detail.

  • The Video: There is a saying for Kickstarter projects that if you do not immediately impress or captivate the viewer within 10 seconds, there is a good chance they are unlikely to finish watching let alone pledge to your project. When knew when putting our Story Cinematic video first we were taking a risk in boring people who wanted to see the heart of what we had to offer. We received many comments from people saying how they would have never realized how far along the game was or how much effort went into its development by watching the initial 2-3 minutes. We knew this was a risk, but genuinely thought the story elements would give a great look into the backdrop of the game and pull people in. We removed this footage and reworked the video to appeal to more of a mass audience some days later, but it was to late.
  • Old vs. New: Because we were in a transition period of moving the project from the older Unreal Engine 3 to the new Unreal Engine 4, and also because we were planning to revamp our entire combat system to better reflect our vision for the game using new tools, we were forced to show more of our initial prototype build. This caused tons of confusion, despite various watermarks with both written and verbal explanations. Many viewers could not tell the difference between the two, assuming they were all one in the same, which sparked allot of heated debates. We ended up removing almost all Unreal 3 footage from the reworked video to help avoid confusion and put the emphasize on Unreal 4, which to us felt like losing months of work.
  • Gameplay Footage: Another likely mistake of the presentation was showing our early combat gameplay, which was harshly judged and assumed an accurate representation of the final product. Considering how much we planned to revamp it, improve it, and make it more in line with a `survival` horror setting, it was definitely a mistake on our part to show it in such a rough state. We felt it would give confidence to backers to see that we can produce functional gameplay systems in a short amount of time, as well as give them a early glimpse into the games development.
  • Marketing and Social Media: We are first and foremost developers, not marketing specialists. Because we announced the game the same day as we launched our campaign, all major marketing and advertising efforts began the day we launched. We firmly believed that most traffic would come through Kickstarter itself once our ranking improved, and the game would `sell itself` so to speak. In retrospect, Kickstarter only generates a very limited amount of traffic on its own, and the rest is earned through massive media and networking efforts- some of which can be expensive. Your first few days are critical to the success of your campaign, and you want as many people talking and showcasing your game as possible to help build momentum as things begin to slow down after the initial launch hype is over.

The Good News: Due to the massive amount of feedback we received (both good and bad) we have a much clearer understanding of what went wrong and more importantly, how to do things right if we are able to attempt a re-launch in the future. Sadly, we cannot say at this time when or if that will happen, as without any funding we cannot proceed with the games development at this time. But it does not mean the project has been canceled!

We wanted to thank everyone who believed in the project and showed there support by backing us. It really proved to us that despite lack of exposure, the game was still well received! We put together a farewell video as a tribute to everyone who supported us these past few weeks. For all our fans, we hope you enjoy it and sorry things did not work out with the Kickstarter!

Feel free to follow us on our Facebook, Twitter, Website, or IndieDB for any future news regarding the project or to post your comments and feedback. We love to hear them!

Thanks again for your support!
– The Dead Crusade Team 

7 comments to Kickstarter Canceled and Farewell Video

  • Curtis Potts  says:

    even if kickstarter didn’t work why don’t you just make a direct donate for the main site? so then you don’t have to COMPLETELY stop production, it would also help keep production going, albeit slowly, but its worth the try, so don’t give up damn it! I had just started spreading around the kickstarter page today and then it was shut down!

  • Jakub  says:

    Hi, I’m a fan of this kind of games and I hoped this game will be founded on kickstarter. When I was reading description and the when I looked at screens/arts I thought about Stay Alive (specifically about “game” showed in this movie). When I saw a gameplay I was a bit disappointed, in my opinion it should me darker (like on screens/arts) and you should do two things to make game more immersive: FPP view only (it even don’t look good in TPP, you just miss out all good action) and limit HUD to minimum. Making game more claustrophobic would be a good thing too. Thats just opinion of a fan, still you are devs and you make this game :) Anyway I hope this failure will just give you more strength to work on a game and you will learn from this mistake. This probably sounds like b*shit, but you know what you did wrong, you know how to fix it. So you can work on a important things in game and return on kickstarter when you are prepared. Good luck guys! I hope you will make it!
    Best Regards!

  • whaaaaaaaaat  says:

    No way in hell am I watching the farewell video, cause this better not be the end! If I had to say one thing gameplay wise, I reckon make it less L4D and more Skyrimish, you don’t need to make a continent or make it extreme RPG or anything like that, but with a large open world city, your combat and your setting, you have a guaranteed winner. I know, heaps of ask, but I feel that people respond better to large game worlds that you can really pack full of details and story and stuff like that.
    Seriously though, if this game doesn’t get made I’m going to be a very unhappy chappy and I may have to cyberstalk you all >:(

  • whaaaaaaaaat  says:

    also, more limb choppy, I hate seeing corpses fly across the screen with their limbs intact after I slice the crap out of them

  • wm. g. g .  says:

    DANG IT! First, let me say that i am sorry things didn’t work out better for you guys, and i can’t imagine how frustrating it must be after putting in what must’ve been a TON of work…Second, let me say (again) … DANG IT! #$@%$#*#@ !!! I saw the game listed somewhere (with others ) after searching for ‘upcoming horror games’…and was immediately intrested…I’m playing ‘Dark Souls’ (trying to play, that is) and while it IS very good, there’s a lot that could be done differently, and Dead Crusade was looking more like what would be a game that *I* woulda wanted to play..(sorry if this sounds insulting to you) But what i’d like to see is ” Dead Island meets Dark Souls — with a splash of SIREN, Silent Hill, and some older puzzle-solving-era Resident Evil…” And really, Black Plague fueled zombies vs. armored knights…?When *I* first saw the video, I got so excited that I think a little drop or two of pee came out …Just…please..please…PLEASE don’t let the IP go up in smoke( or worse, get lost in some ‘legal limbo’ ) and keep the idea if not the actual plan, within “arm’s reach…” . Please don’t just shelve it completely , never to be seen again ….I’m a boring old guy without $$ to invest, but i can promise that THIS is a day one kinda game for me… Thank You for at least TRYING to make what hopefully someday will be a great game !!

  • william  says:

    Didn’t see the comments i left earlier, but I do hope you got them…In short, i was REALLY looking forward to your game. It seemed to me to combine the very elements and setting that I have been imagining for some time now…PLEASE do what you gotta do to retain the rights to the ip and it’s images, etc. so that if in the (hopefully near) things might change so you can rethink having another go at it… All i can say is “THANK YOU” for trying and i WILL buy it on ‘day one’ should i ever get the chance…!

  • Benny  says:

    Man, I wish this game would get made! It looks fantastic!

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