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Scott Petty
Creative Director
Scott oversees the creative direction of Dead Crusade and acts as Lead 3D Artist on the project. Scott started his career as a 3D Environment Artist at BioWare, working on Star Wars: The Old Republic helping to create many of the games planets and dungeons. Scott than went on to act as a co founder and Lead 3D Environment Artist on Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, directly recruiting and managing a team of over 10 artists and co-creating many of the games official maps. His most recent release was 2013: Infected wars, working as Lead Environment before moving on to create Aesthetic Games and begin work on Dead Crusade.

Mick Robinson
Mick comes from a long history of game development. Overseeing development teams in the past as well as custom engine development for his own games. His game network and enemy AI experience is a key skill Aesthetic Games wants for it’s focus on multiplayer development. Mick is passionate not just on making sure enemy AI is dynamic, he also plays an important role in development timelines and gameplay.

Mitchell Lucas
Lead Sound Engineer
Having gotten his Associate Degree in Audio Production, Mitchell has worked on Amnesia Obscurity, The Four Horsemen, The Great Work, and the hit mobile game Age of Thrones by Nexrage. He is passionate about games that create a unique world for the player to explore and plays an instrumental role in bringing environments, characters, and video media to life with expert voice acting and sound effects. Mitchell oversees all aspects of sound FX and narrative implementation for Dead Crusade.

Ryan Mohler
Lead Animator
Ryan got his Bachelor of Science Degree in Games and Animation from Ohio University and has been working in the game industry for 3 years. Ryan has been involved on numerous indie game projects and several commercial video productions. His work has been featured in two Magic: The Gathering trailers and GDC sizzle reels. Ryan has been a part of the Dead Crusade team since its outset and his artistic skills and technical knowledge have become an integral part of the team.

Mitchell Gibbs
Mitchell Gibbs studied music composition and film music at Canterbury Christ Church University. Having scored award-winning short films such as David Izatt’s The Jacket (2012) and Jack De La Mare’s Out of Service (2013), it wasn’t long before Mitchell earned the opportunity to score his first feature The Carbon Copy (2014), produced by Dragonborn Films and directed by Michael Dragnea. Mitchell has orchestrated all music for Dead Crusade, and has played an integral part in combining authentic medieval compositions infused with horror melodies.

Long Pham
Concept Artist / Illustrator
Long has been a professional concept artist and illustrator for over 6 years, working on many indie titles and is a key contributor to the art direction and visual storytelling of Dead Crusade. His ability to quickly iterate ideas into concepts has helped the art team to act as a visual aid in the art pipeline.

Marcus S.
3D Environment Artist
Marcus has worked as a Senior 3D Environment Artist on many well known AAA titles at Eidos-Montreal, such as Deus ex and Thief. A close friend and collegue to Scott Petty, Marcus is also a leader in developing optimized content to ensure top performance across a wide range of platforms and is unmatched in his ability to quickly deliver top quality 3D assets.

Tyler Fluharty
3D Character Artist
Tyler has an established history of great character work and has worked on titles such as Heroes of Newerth and 2013: Infected Wars. He has overseen creation of the grotesque creatures in the game, and has played a critical role in our character creation pipeline. His organic modeling and texture work has been a true asset to the Dead Crusade character portfolio.

Alvaro Abreu
Alvaro is an experienced programmer with Unreal Technology, having over 3 Years of experience with Multiple programming Languages such as C++, Lua, UnrealScript. He has a deep understanding of complex game-play implementation and has played a important role with the weapon system development, achievement system, networking, and UI design of Dead Crusade.

Daniel Peteuil
3D Character Artist
Daniel is an expert 3D Character Artist who specializes in highly detailed photo-realistic rendering. He has worked professionally for many years as a traditional sculptor before turning into a digital 3D Artist, traveling the world to create real-life statues and monuments for museums and city-scapes. Daniel has set the bar for character quality and has been in charge with the creation of all of Dead Crusade player characters.

2 comments to Aesthetic Games Team Bios

  • Shane  says:

    To all of the Aesthetic Team,

    You guys had done a brilliant job with just the 2-3 mins that was shown in the ‘Dead Crusade’ trailer, and i really believe that the so called critics out there were way too harsh with regards to gameplay etc etc because they all seemed to forget the game you previewed was in effect still being born. I hope all of you keep your chin up and get this game back on kickstarter or some over crowdfunding site because i want to play it and it looks fantastic. Remember guys “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”

  • Alex  says:

    Hi, I am the creative director of Torch games, an indie team. Anyways, I know about your campaign in Kickstarter that also failed… But, I just want to express my interest in your game style… Well, I have to say to you that, you should go for medieval but without zombies. Just a short epic experience. Your characters and graphics are just perfect for a kinda “game of thrones” game, probably matched with some “Dark souls” battle mechanics… I promise you that if you go with something like that ( I have the whole setting in my head) you would easily meet a funding goal

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